Sometimes I love it here
2004-03-17 09:12:34 ET

LALALALALA sitting around having a migrane and a small bottle of oxycodine! Okay I get to work today and I have a killer migrane so my manager gives me an hour long lunch to get pain killers. Well, the doctor decided he didn't wanna give me Demorol because I was my only ride so he handed me a little package of like 4 or 5 oxycottons and told me to leave work and take em at home. HA so I got outta work and some cool pain killer pills=synthetic heroin. I'm all loopy and painting my nails...

time to find a lighter

2004-03-17 09:15:30 ET

I hate migranes. Does your mouth or hands ever go numb?

2004-03-17 09:17:11 ET

If you get really bad migraines fairly often, try to drink feverfew tea on a regular basis- it's a migraine preventative.. and if you drink it at the onset of a migraine, it should lessen the symptoms.

Otherwise, try asking your doctor if you can get some sort of Ergotomine to treat them: it's a hallucinogen, so you'll get a bit trippy (heh) but it makes the migraine go away really quickly.

2004-03-17 09:19:51 ET

damn you shouldn't tell me about hallucinogens... hehe i love those things.
i like tea so i shall try that
and yes they do go numb it blows but im good and loopy now so its all good

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