2004-03-18 12:19:42 ET

My damn car dropped the muffler and manage to bend it in half all the while it was under my car... But now my gmc sounds like a beasty motherfucker.

I'm goin insane because I have a problem that I can tell absolutely noone.

2004-03-18 12:43:28 ET

???????? pvt me......pls......cause now im worried

2004-03-18 12:59:59 ET

actually its a problem that i can't understand so its no use trying to describe to someone what you can't describe yourself

2004-03-18 13:32:11 ET

okay then....but im still worried

2004-03-20 17:18:20 ET

it's very mundane to what just happened... another of my friends died last night

2004-03-20 20:27:07 ET


2004-03-21 09:40:25 ET

nobody you would know tino... someone i had known for awhile outside my normal group

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