Never enough
2004-03-21 09:48:55 ET

Great my car is making wonderful breaking noises whenever I turn now... Amongst my friend dying, my car breaking, missing everychance I have for a relationship, and this damn business I'm goin to lose it. Nobody was meant to have this many problems at such a young age. Me and my friends have the worst luck in the world I'm sure of it. I need a vacation or just a trip, actually I know what I wanna do I just wanna give Tino a hug... =/

I'm still confused, a pint of everclear, a 5th of whisky, a 5th of vodka, and like 10 beers didn't make me pass out last night. And I'm a little fucker too only like 140 lbs where the fuck did it all go?

2004-03-21 09:51:26 ET

I find that it totally depends on your mind set when you drink how much you can drink....and what you ate that day! Somedays I have 5 beer and I'm wrecked others....well I should be in an alcohol induced coma

2004-03-21 09:54:21 ET

That must be it... Last time I drank that much I passed out with my eyes open and people were talking to me... I just made noises.

But there is also the thought that it runs in the family

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