2004-03-25 18:56:06 ET

Seriously could my media player be any less useful?

2004-03-25 18:59:12 ET

it could break ramdom things on yyour computer

2004-03-25 19:01:04 ET

I wouldn't be suprised if it started doing that even. I swear the damn thing is possesed it does wierd little things everytime I try to use it...

2004-03-25 19:08:55 ET

smash it...smashing things always helps

2004-03-25 19:18:46 ET

hehe i like you, nah i already smashed a humidifier that leaked tonight so my violent tendencies have been surpassed. However watching a fire might be fun

2004-03-26 03:41:06 ET

Violent tendencies cannot be surpassed only repressed. Allways room for a good smashing!

2004-03-26 20:55:39 ET

Yea thats what I meant, I couldn't think of the word so I pulled one out, sorry heh. gah I feel stupid now ... meh to hell with it, no seriously I'm done writting, I think, shit... I'm done

2004-03-27 07:24:41 ET

Lol its ok all you need is sleep. Sleep is what built this country...just a bunch of people went to sleep when the woke up the found buildings and sky scrapers...and the internet.

2004-03-27 19:59:38 ET

sleep is a good thing yet the most horrible thing I can think of... but thats okay because I'm actually tired now, yay! sleep for matt tonight!

2004-03-27 21:05:15 ET

Sleep is only bad when you have bad dreams...which is almost everynight for me...but non the less...sleep must be had! YAY matt gets to sleep.

2004-03-28 06:38:51 ET

Yea bad dreams happen to me everytime I dream. Though I have found ways to not remember them I still wake up in the night screaming.
Except for last night I had a good dream, the first one in about 4 or 5 months. I mark it down I'll have to look.

2004-03-28 07:14:30 ET

Heh I take medician i dont remember my dreams anymore

2004-03-28 17:15:47 ET

meh I refuse to take medication anymore. Half of the pills I had to pay for and take were placebos and didn't work. I have no faith in medicine anymore

2004-03-29 03:41:22 ET

Most dont...works just dandy for me though.

2004-03-29 16:53:24 ET

Yea, whatever works for ya I guess, man talk about wierd dreams ive had some rather bizare ones lately. I wonder if that means anything?

2004-03-29 17:04:36 ET

I belive there is alot of meaning in dreams.

2004-03-29 17:09:55 ET

as do i but... figuring them out is hard shit sometimes

2004-03-29 17:26:36 ET

Yes I agree.

2004-03-29 17:37:52 ET

now are you the Freudian type when it comes to dreams or are you more of and Occultist?

2004-03-29 18:04:09 ET


2004-03-29 18:27:44 ET

May I ask what path?

2004-03-30 04:45:19 ET

not really have a set one...I just look around into alot.

2004-03-30 07:39:32 ET

sort of an ecclectic huh? thats a good way to be don't let one thing rule you

2004-03-30 12:01:52 ET

Indeed. Thats what I think aswell.

2004-03-31 07:40:50 ET

I've never gotten to actually chat with another person like you. Everybody here are all Christians and laugh at me... lol so are you a practicing witch or just a follower of it?

2004-03-31 08:14:43 ET


2004-03-31 10:07:38 ET

good deal... uhhhh im running outta questions for this one... lol your turn i lose

2004-03-31 13:37:11 ET

I dont give much to build off of I supose. I dunno...P.M. me

2004-04-01 10:05:40 ET

Hey you're kinda like me then. I usually don't give people much to work off of either. It's more fun getting to know ppl like you. Enjoy your solitude?

2004-04-01 10:20:22 ET

Yes I do accually.

2004-04-01 10:37:01 ET

:) do any tarot?

2004-04-01 12:01:54 ET


2004-04-01 18:06:49 ET

lol you should tell me about it;)

2004-04-02 04:15:48 ET

Well my dad (who had practiced until a couple of years ago) is in the process of teaching me.

2004-04-02 06:13:55 ET

Good deal, you're lucky my parents are both good Christians and took away my first tarot deck... What one do you use?

2004-04-02 12:48:21 ET

A fairy one I guess. I cant remember who by.

2004-04-02 18:40:02 ET

lol you don't feel like i'm grillin you do you?

2004-04-03 11:25:09 ET


2004-04-04 07:22:45 ET

Heh I have a habbit of doin it sometimes... oh well i guess

2004-04-04 07:27:49 ET

It doesnt bother me...it keeps up the conversation.

2004-04-04 07:29:38 ET

Nice! Usually nobody is interested in carrying a convo with me... but hey thats all good, you into herbology at all?

2004-04-04 07:32:59 ET

Greatly. I hardly know anyone else that is though.

2004-04-04 07:36:54 ET

Howd you learn? Sorry I'm into it just having a hard time finding stuff about it all...

2004-04-04 07:41:19 ET

Well actually I first heard of it from this "local" guy everyone calls grandpa. Then I just went on the web and researched.

2004-04-04 08:16:44 ET

Good deal. At one of the headshops that I've been known to frequent theres a 68 year old indian guy that claims to have been a medicine man at one point so I get to talk to him about it. Interesting but I don't know the actual plants he talks about.

2004-04-04 08:23:53 ET

Yeah...well there are alot of plants out there...too many to remember.

2004-04-04 08:43:41 ET

thats very true but he uses some wierd names for the plants, ones I've never heard before. I probably know half but not familiar with his terminology... Eh go figure

2004-04-04 08:48:44 ET

Eh...That just makes things very complicated. More then needed. Smash him.

2004-04-04 08:51:51 ET

lmao Smash him? Otay sounds good to me! Complications make things take too long. Soooooo yea... I forgot what I was going to ask you.

2004-04-04 08:56:02 ET

maybe you can smash the logic out of him?

2004-04-04 08:59:15 ET

ha nah he's pretty burnt out I'm not sure there is much logic inside his head anyways.

2004-04-04 09:01:29 ET

Well that may make the smashing less satisfying if there is no outcome.

2004-04-04 09:03:14 ET

Yes I find that in breaking things that it doesn't explode or get utterly decimated in some way it's not a good smash. Unless it makes a squishy noise

2004-04-04 09:09:13 ET


2004-04-04 09:13:08 ET

;) oh yea! I get to lizrdsit for my cousin today... I get a gecko to play with... randomness, I know but I thought you might like to know. lol

2004-04-04 09:14:27 ET

Kewl! I want a gecko.

2004-04-04 09:18:37 ET

It's an interesting little animal. *poke* cept it doesn't move much

2004-04-04 09:20:08 ET

Movement is not needed. Just stare at it. For a really long time.

2004-04-04 09:23:10 ET

I may go crosseyed! its all multicollored and wierd little patterns. It's all blue yellow red with black and another greenish kinda color
mostly yellow though

2004-04-04 09:38:52 ET

I want!

2004-04-04 18:28:02 ET

Okay I'll have to steal it and box it and mail it to ya then.

2004-04-04 18:42:42 ET

heh good

2004-04-04 18:46:32 ET

tell me are you a cat or a dog person?

2004-04-04 18:51:48 ET

...Both really

2004-04-04 19:10:47 ET

ya know I think the best 2 dogs in the world are either Akita or Husky

2004-04-05 04:59:36 ET

Huskys are awsome...but it would be mean to keep one in arizona.

2004-04-05 08:06:40 ET

Oh yea it would lol. I think I'll definitely stick to cooler climates. The heat is just so bad in so many ways.

2004-04-05 16:32:56 ET

I KNOW!...not fair..im going to go live in your closet.

2004-04-05 19:57:20 ET

ummmm any reason for the closet? I'd let you sleep on my extra bed :) Why not?

2004-04-05 20:01:43 ET

You have an extra bed? Kewl. I will stay there and and and...you can teach me to snow board in the winter.

2004-04-05 20:19:12 ET

Hell yea! Thatd be tons of fun =D But now my bed wont be 6 mattresses high lol

2004-04-05 20:23:07 ET

Thats very tall...why do you need a bed so tall?

2004-04-05 20:30:03 ET

I don't really. It's just really comfy and doesn't make much noise. Besides I used to be on the top of a bunk bed when I shared a room with my little bro

2004-04-05 20:31:23 ET

lol Ok. well sorry I will be depriveing you of your tall comfy bed.

2004-04-05 20:44:36 ET

hahahaha nah thats okay. Whenever I got family over I have to give it up anyways... and thats a lot. so no biggy lol

2004-04-06 05:04:01 ET

heh yay?

2004-04-06 05:04:51 ET

...I'm a strange child what can I say?

2004-04-06 05:08:51 ET

You can say boole. Yell it really loud right befor you goo to bed every night.

2004-04-06 05:15:26 ET

boole? Lmao that is a fun word to say

2004-04-06 05:23:05 ET

I know and thats why you shall say it befor you go to bed. Forever.

2004-04-06 05:27:28 ET

Oh I will. And to think I used to shout spoon!

2004-04-06 05:28:44 ET

Lol...spoon is not nearly as good as boole.

2004-04-06 05:37:31 ET

yea no kidding. Spoons are cool little things because they're curvy and reflect your image upside down oooooo and its shiny!
everytime i look at boole it seems very familiar I've seen it in several places....

2004-04-06 08:40:47 ET

its a name of a band

2004-04-06 11:17:54 ET

Nah not what I was thinking of... I was thinking of a character from a book. What kind of band are they?

2004-04-06 14:10:37 ET


2004-04-06 14:58:57 ET

an odd band? Lol what do they sound like?

2004-04-06 15:09:06 ET

I dont know cant really classify them. go here http://boole.org/newsreel.php

2004-04-06 15:17:03 ET

do do do doo time to download music! We shall see

2004-04-06 15:24:51 ET

heh they are odd

2004-04-06 15:26:48 ET

Are they the oddest band you listen to?

2004-04-06 15:33:23 ET

no not in the slightest

2004-04-06 15:58:41 ET

Who might be then?

2004-04-06 16:04:57 ET

Not sure really maybe utilizarse

2004-04-06 16:15:58 ET

never heard of em. Voltaire is good. still not the wierdest tho

2004-04-06 16:18:31 ET

weird is good...mostly

2004-04-06 16:20:30 ET

very true, it all depends on the type of wierd though

2004-04-06 16:20:42 ET


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