2004-03-29 17:01:35 ET

Today was shit once again all thanks to Steve at work. I swear one day I'm going to cook his fucking head on that grill.

But Jill has me set on the idea of cookies. I think I'll make some chocolate chip cookies... If I have all the stuff to make it with that is. I'm not sure if I have brown sugar or not. Well enough I have baking to do!

2004-03-29 17:05:14 ET

I want cookies

2004-03-29 17:10:56 ET

lol I'll mail you some when I get the brown sugar I'm out...

2004-03-29 17:26:15 ET

aww phooy. ok i'll wait.

2004-03-29 17:44:01 ET

don't worry it will be soon. when i drag my lazy ass off of this chair and drive 8 miles to anything resembling civilization to I think Wal Mart and get some

2004-03-29 18:04:48 ET

oh so I can expect them in a year or two?

2004-03-29 18:28:36 ET

lmao it may be that long. Nah I'll probably make some tommorow when I go to get some cash.

2004-03-29 20:20:36 ET

those cookies were fucking tasty.
if only you were closer you coulda indulged in the cookie-goodness with us.

2004-03-29 20:22:07 ET

yea i only wish

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