Well Then
2004-04-01 10:13:15 ET

Okay so Amber is taking me shopping today, and checking out girls, and just chatting. Don't get me wrong I don't mind or anything its just that uh. Well, I have this huge thing for her. I really don't think she knows it and I'm gonna be sitting there all day long think "cmon gimme sumthing to work with, let me play off something you do so I can play." Well fuck, do you what the chances of that happening are? BAH! Only in my dreams. *SIGH*

This is for any girl who reads this. What does it mean when a girl watches you continually? It happens all day long, like I'll glance over at her and she's watching me and looks away when I make eye contact. Good thing? Neutral thing? Maybe I just look funny.

2004-04-01 10:26:52 ET

I'm just here for the obilgatory comment about sticking it in her butt.

2004-04-01 10:37:45 ET

Sound like a plan I'll get started lol

2004-04-01 11:02:02 ET

That's what I like to hear.

2004-04-01 12:04:15 ET

It could mean a number of things. She may like you, she may think your intersting to study, she may hate you, girls are complicated.

2004-04-01 18:12:55 ET

Dude I would certainly give it to her in ANY way she wanted...

Women are confusing as hell, so that means one little thing could mean a minimum of 3 things... How would I go about figuring this out without being obvious???

2004-04-02 04:13:18 ET

look for other key body movements like what she looks like when she is stareing or when she turns away and if you talk to her how does she act around you.

2004-04-02 06:18:33 ET

lately shes been making plans with me a lot. and she doesn't really pass up a chance to chat but...

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