2004-04-01 20:59:39 ET

Insomnia. That oh so complex word that means too much to some people. It's going to be a sleepless night tonight I know it. Hey have you ever wondered why they made dyslexia such a wierd word to spell? I mean don't the people with it have a hard ass time with it? Geniouses I tell you!
Mmmmmmm cynicism ain't helping my mood. I need a beer or something to cheer me up.

2004-04-01 22:33:04 ET

Beer makes everything better!

2004-04-02 06:16:05 ET

oh you know it ;)mmmmmm a good Bong Water beer and I'd be good. I can't believe theyre still allowed to make that here.

2004-04-02 18:11:52 ET

Can't say I have ever had that...sounds...interesting to say the least...I'll keep my eyes out for it...

2004-04-02 18:41:58 ET

Actually I'm not sure if it's found outside of Montana. It's a really strange micro brew that uses hemp seeds in it.

2004-04-03 13:31:36 ET

Hmmm...maybe I'll have my grandparents send me some

2004-04-04 07:28:00 ET

=D oh you must. I like it but then again I like most of the micro brews here. Now I want another beer.

2004-04-05 11:40:47 ET

mmm...beer...now I want beer...

2004-04-05 20:00:39 ET

ugh Old English 40oz bottles taste like crap... I drank too much tonight.

2004-04-07 15:03:57 ET

hehe...I haven't had that since I was about 16...

2004-04-07 19:43:05 ET

First and last time I had it the other night... eeewwww I think I'll stick with my rolling rock

2004-04-07 19:49:23 ET

is OE canadian or american? our canadian beer is so much better! i'm sorry...it just had to be said

2004-04-07 19:57:34 ET

seriously I agree with you! most of our beer sucks. except rolling rock and bongwater, my two favorite ones! what are yours?

2004-04-07 21:18:20 ET

i dunno...i like Bud and blue...Sleemans is good too

2004-04-07 21:25:07 ET

Bud is good

2004-04-07 21:26:18 ET

I think so...even though I seem to be the only one out of all of my friends...

2004-04-07 21:37:49 ET

lol most of my friends like keystone light... makes me wanna puke

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