2004-04-02 06:21:49 ET

Cats are certainly interesting little things. Just sittin here chillin after the usual morning shower and my kat pipsqueak hope into my lap and starts purring and demanding my attention. Lol I feel loved and wanted now. Strange how animals can cheer you up

2004-04-02 06:46:54 ET

cats are crazy.. it's fun to see them get all weirded out with large storms. but animals can defiantely sense when you're down.

2004-04-02 18:46:12 ET

yea I miss having my own pet

2004-04-02 19:05:55 ET

My cats started crapping all over my house, so we now keep them in the basement. We let them up occasionally to hang out. Well, my dad taught them to go to the basement when he says "BASEMENT" really loud.. It's funny to watch them scramble the way they do. Cats rule.

2004-04-02 19:08:02 ET

hahahahaha thats amazing! All the cats I've ever had are outside cats that get to chill inside.

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