2004-04-03 07:35:48 ET

First off I have now labeled God a bitch. He seems to get great satisfaction out of making life hell for me...

And girls suck. Okay heres the deal. I was out for a morning jog because I got up 3 hours too early. And I saw a group of Xcontry runners made up of nothing but girls. They were all spread out and there was one black and blue haired girl that I ran up to, to chat with. I finally asked what she was doing tonight and if she would be interested in going to a movie. Well wouldn't you fuckin know it, she giggles like a crazy bitch and runs off even faster. Seriously what the hell am I doing wrong? Am I really that ugly or something? Tell me please so I stop making a jackass outta myself!

2004-04-03 07:51:17 ET

What a fucking bitch. Girls are jerks to begin with. There are smart ones out there, but you have to sort through the ones programmed by TV.

2004-04-03 07:54:22 ET

I guess so, it just boggles my mind how people can be cookie cutter images of what they see. Lol the only 2 sane girlfriends I've had were my first two... I really kinda wonder what went wrong there... damn oh well

2004-04-03 08:06:24 ET

I think when you can find a girl that truly doesn't care about what TV or society has to say, that's when you've found a good one. It's getting harder nowadays though, because all the girls are pretending like they don't care because it's cool.

2004-04-03 18:07:16 ET

Why did you go to the one with weird hair?

2004-04-03 18:58:44 ET

matt theres nothing wrong with you!!!
some girls are just mentally bankrupt.
your luck will get better, i promise. <3

2004-04-04 07:34:00 ET

She looked familiar, but I didn't know her...

Yea a lot of girls are mentally bankrupt, however I seem to keep picking the wierd ones to hit on... Ug I need a potion or some shit to make me stop that

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