Busted knives, Busted head, and Beer
2004-04-04 08:31:50 ET

Yesterday was certainly an interesting day. I went 4byin after work. Stupid ass on a 4 wheeler dropped down in on me about 5 feet in front of me. Well needless to say I couldn't stop in time and I ended up running over the front of his atv. It totaly romped his ride but mine was all fine. So I get out to make sure HE's okay and right away he starts screaming at me that it's my fault and that I have to pay for it. About that time I said fuck it and started to walk off back to my car. The dipshit follows me back swearing at me the whole time and as I'm trying to get in my car the guy grabs my shoulder and trys to drag me outta my car. That was the last mistake he made, I was pissed beyond all belief and he was going to get it. I grabbed my still sheathed knife (I didn't wanna kill the bastard, just maim him) Swung around hit him in the head and busted the handle off my knife. THAT really pissed me off because that was my favorite knife so I decided a good kick in the ribs would suffice and it did, it made me feel better. I decided that was enough violence for the day and left him there on the ground... people really shouldn't fuck with me.

After that I headed down to the headshop to hang out with Shannon (possibly the coolest chick I've ever met here) don't worry Tino you are still the 1st coolest chick tho ;) Shannon and I hung out for about 2 hours and then she told me it was too bad I was still a youngin cuz she wanted to go out sometime. It was odd, I don't get hit on very often especially by a 26 year old hottie. =D that made me happy lol. She also told me she gets to help break in my next new pipe. No arguments here!

Headed off to the appartment and got absolutely sloshed. And once again my dumbass drinks until a half hour before I have to leave. So I got to drive home drunk again, I really should stop doing that I hear it's bad for my health. Then unconciousness happened. I'm sure I had wierd ass dreams but was just too drunk to remember.

End of my pointless post. I'm violent and I'm possibly a drunk, bite me.

2004-04-04 10:34:59 ET

Holy shit.. I would love to get violent with some people like you did. Damn. How old are you anyway? My friends date older men all the time, so as long as you're over 16, dating a 26 yr old doesn't seem too bad :)

2004-04-04 18:45:24 ET

I'm actually 19. Getting violent with some people is fun but most of the time I'd like to avoid it. Dating anyone right now would make me happy ;) being single has lost it's charm after about a year of it.

2004-04-04 18:56:14 ET

You should ask that girl our or something anyway :) If not to marry, at least to have someone to hang out with. I wish I could be more violent.. I need a new release of emotion. Maybe not trying to cut people with knives, but some shoving wouldn't hurt :)

2004-04-04 19:17:58 ET

Yea I should. Maybe I'll do that tommorow. There is one problem with violence. It gets you into trouble.

2004-04-05 01:22:59 ET

He deserved it. You should have sliced his heart out and fed it to a dog...or at least thought about it.

2004-04-05 08:12:19 ET

Oh the thought of that crosses my mind daily, stupid cranky customers. But until someone REALlY Really makes me angry I'll be content to leave them in a pool of their own blood

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