Ow it hurts
2004-04-04 19:35:19 ET

Okay my skateboard made me it's bitch today.
I'm sore as hell
enough said

2004-04-05 04:57:01 ET

You should get some pictures of you doing some tricks :) or falling.. which ever happens more.

2004-04-05 08:14:50 ET

Meh I'm not much of a camera whore... I don't particularly like any of the pictures I'm in for some reason. But since you said I should I will :)

2004-04-05 13:31:37 ET

Yay! I made a difference today! :)

2004-04-05 20:15:38 ET

... Yea and that means I actually have to find my camera. Hmmmm I haven't been into photography in awhile. I may take that up again. Man, you're makin me spend money on an old hobby ;P

2004-04-06 05:36:52 ET

Another difference! I'm on a roll :)

2004-04-06 05:38:40 ET

Lmao see what you're doing to me?;) I'm being more productive. strange

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