Yet more dumbasses, just less violence
2004-04-05 08:38:15 ET

It's mine, It's pure
As decent as I can make myself inside
We all know only the strong survive

Yea I got done mudding yesterday. There was like 6 inches of the wetest mud in the world so my car is covered in about 3 inches of it! But anyways after I got done having my truck fun I needed to go get gas. As I was walking in to pay for my shit and a pack of ciggs some fuckin hick looks at me and turns to his friends and says "would you look at that crazy motherfucker." I know what caused him to say this, all because I was wearing chains, a choker, and finger nail polish, and all black but this is usual for me and it pissed me off. So I walked up and just stared at him. He starts getting really wierded out and keeps askin me what? I didn't actually plan on using my knife this time but I pulled it out to see what he would do. Well he fell short of pissing his pants. He got really scared and started stuttering going Whats that for? You don't actually plan on using that do you? I say nothing still whihc made him even more nervous. By this time hes getting a little red and I take a step forward. His only reaction was FUCK THIS and ran off.

I scare people apparently.

Also I talk to myself and this makes people very nervous. I don't like the conservative christian majority in this town.

2004-04-05 08:57:51 ET

I talk to myself too. and people don't make comments about my appearence because it would appear that i can crush them

2004-04-05 10:03:57 ET

Lol you're probably waaaay bigger than me. I'm a skinny ass bastard that everybody likes to pick on but they don't get away with it

2004-04-05 10:04:54 ET

6'5" not skinny.....

Children run screaming LOL

2004-04-05 10:07:19 ET

yea and you even got 5 inches on me lol! I may be of decent height but when you only weigh 140 pounds its hard to be intimidating.

2004-04-05 10:07:45 ET

yeah take your wight and double it LOL

2004-04-05 10:14:07 ET

I'm tryin man. Damn metabolism is just way to high. I need genetic engineering or something. Hell maybe then I'll just become a cyborg!

2004-04-05 10:14:44 ET

no thats me. take your weight and double it LOL

2004-04-05 10:18:57 ET

lmao oh okay i see now. logic with my sleep deprived mind doesn't work well

2004-04-05 10:19:32 ET

ROFL go to bed or get some bawls

2004-04-05 10:25:44 ET

I think I'll just go chug a few red bulls that are sitting in my pantry downstairs. I'll be like a cat jacked up on crack then!

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