2004-04-05 21:07:18 ET

Lack of stimulation for the evening has left me feeling wanting.

2004-04-05 21:15:55 ET

wanting for what is the true question though!

2004-04-05 21:22:30 ET

Everything and nothing at all. It seems to be a desire that I don't understand or have any clue what it is. Or it could just be that I want someone to hold. We'll see though.

2004-04-05 21:25:25 ET

OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!!! pickmepickmepickmepickme!!!! ::ahem, gains composure:: feel some twisted way, feel loved

2004-04-05 21:28:06 ET

hahahahahaha funny thing is I kinda do. lmao

2004-04-05 21:30:06 ET

lmfao....leave it to the straight guy to get my hopes up...well, at least a cute one!

2004-04-05 21:32:45 ET

Hey what can I say? rather interesting you should say that though

2004-04-05 21:34:10 ET


2004-04-05 21:40:32 ET

Lol honestly I question my straightness sometimes

2004-04-05 21:44:14 ET

THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!! ......dont quote me on that......

seriously though? in im curoius type way or a serious "im attracted to you but jsut dont know how to show/deal with it" way?

2004-04-05 21:45:59 ET

I think both would fit.

...God, that lazy bitch.

2004-04-05 21:47:16 ET

well, he/she is a drunk jewish grandmother...i mean all you have to do is look at me and you'd figure that out. a gay irish/jew in the military...hmmmmmmm

2004-04-05 21:49:31 ET

Lmfao thats fuckin hilarious.

but yes I was being serious

2004-04-05 21:52:48 ET

well, hate to tell you this, but almost every str8 guy i talk too deals with that problem at one point or another in his life...sometimes though ::crossing fingers here:: it turns out to be more than just a "phase"

2004-04-05 21:55:03 ET

lol perhaps. ya never know

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