2004-04-06 11:34:50 ET

Sick like a dog... Just got back from work, I suppose you couldn't really call it that right now because I spent an hour puking and dry heaving. They didn't wanna let me go home. Bastards.

Ugh I'd sell my soul for a back rub right now...

2004-04-06 14:31:13 ET

sell your soul...If I was there I would so take you up on that offer.

2004-04-06 15:04:13 ET

=D thatd be excellent! i fell asleep on the couch in a funny position so now i really need one...

2004-04-06 15:08:04 ET

Im sorry:(

2004-04-06 15:20:31 ET

eh my own fault shouldn't fall asleep watching movies... it seemed like a cool movie but now i may never know. Have you seen Gothica?

2004-04-06 15:24:30 ET


2004-04-06 15:29:01 ET

is it worth trying to sit through again? lol oof man i can't bend my neck now and my brother tried to say something, turn my head and ouch. wooooo lack of sleep is cool...

2004-04-06 15:32:53 ET

Ehh It wasent that great.

2004-04-06 15:43:48 ET

yea? I fell asleep about the time Halle Berry got possesed.

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