2004-04-06 15:12:13 ET

I find some very strange things comforting. I just got done sharpening my knife and I realized that the sound and the feel of it were very comforting... I find that a little odd. I was totally content until I finished after that I got all agitated again.

crap I feel sick

2004-04-06 15:43:55 ET

i've always found blades in general to be strangely comforting.

2004-04-06 15:50:44 ET

me as well. Should this be a worrysome thing?

2004-04-06 16:26:57 ET

i try not to worry about anything that feels natural. i just think it's an instictive attraction to the weapon.

2004-04-06 16:28:33 ET

Interesting. Play with knives much when you were younger? I sure did.

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