Shit he's actually sentimental?
2004-04-06 17:01:34 ET

Yes, I am actually. I was just thinking. Out of everyone I've met in my life only a few have had an impact on me. Lee, he's always been with me right from the beggining. Tina, what can I say, shes fucking adorable and has helped me more than anyone I can think of. Everybody else that I've met has either left me or forgotten/abandoned me. Tino and Lee are my only friends left from school. But I'd have to say I'd like to thank Tina the most. She's introduce me to quite a bit of stuff, and helped me out along the way.

Theres more but... Yea I feel like a jackass. I'm just gonna shut up

2004-04-06 19:36:17 ET


matt.. you rock. you are one of the few people from montana that still talk to me and you're an unbelievable human being.
it is going to be so fun when you get here. <3

2004-04-06 19:47:10 ET

I can't wait. There aint shit thats gonna stop me from goin down there! It's going to be a blast

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