Exhausted, Feeling better and a Survey Jacked from Lollirot Queen
2004-04-06 20:05:01 ET

I think my sickness is going away! Threw Snot's Straight Up album in the player grabbed a book and sat in the bathtub. I'm feeling clean and a hell of a lot better! Wooo time for a survey
1) Whats your Real Name ? A name is a label my friends call me Matthias everybody else I'm Matt.

2) Where are you From ? Montana

3) Whats your Sun Sign ? Sagittarius

4) Are you in a Relationship any kind? I wish.

5) What is your Favourite TV programme? The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead

6) Whats your Favourite Film.? Requiem for a Dream

7) Who is your Favourite Actor/ess? The guy from Donnie Darko I don't remember his name.

8) What was title of last Book/Magazine your read? By Blood Alone

9) Where would you most like to Go to in the World.? New Zealand or, no just New Zealand

10) Whats your Favourite Colour/s? Black,Dark red, Dark Blue, Pink (yea suck it!)

11) Whats your Lucky Number? 3, I'd say 13 but I'm into numerology 13 doesn't exist but the equivalent is 4

12) Whats your Lucky Day? Saturday

14) Whats your Favourite band ? Slipknot by far!

15) Who is your Favourite female singer/band? Jack off Jill or Kidney Theives
oops dont' see 16

16)This one didn't exist so I'm going to say BOOLE!

17) Do you have any Tattoo`s? All in due time, all in due time

18) Do you have any Piercings? just my ears for now but I'm getting other piercings

19) Are you Monogamus? Doesn't that require you to be in a relationship first?

20) Have you tried S&M? NOPE

21) Have you had group sex? um ewwww

22) Whats was your most Embarassing moment? Lol when I ran into a gas station in nothing but boxers and started screaming about condoms. Lmao the clerk threw em at me and told me to leave. But that was only after getting stared at by the cutest chick ;) yea being a dumbass has it's rewards

23) Do you have a Fantasy? nah I'm just human

24) What type of Music do you like? whatever I'm in the mood for

25) Are you kinky in anyway? heh heh heh wouldn't you like to know?

26) What colour are Your eyes? brown

27) What colour is Your hair? dark brown naturally, black but soon to be black with pink

28) Whats your Favourite Food? lasagna

29) Whats your Favourite Drink? Emerald Dragon (lets see who knows what this actually is)

30) Whats your Favourite Season.? fall

hmmm that didn't take nearly enough of my time... I feel deprived

2004-04-06 20:08:07 ET

"so I'm going to say BOOLE!"

I fucking love you now!

2004-04-06 20:11:31 ET

Pink rules!

*steals your survey*

2004-04-06 20:15:04 ET

you two learn anything bout me? lol

2004-04-06 20:15:44 ET

Yes I did.

2004-04-06 20:19:36 ET

awesome! I can be informative. lol I need sleep...

2004-04-06 20:22:13 ET

I learned that you have not tried S&M and dont like group sex...and that I love you

2004-04-06 20:33:16 ET

<3 =D

2004-04-06 20:35:20 ET

I need sleep too 0_o

2004-04-06 20:36:35 ET

<3 your hair will be hot when its black and pink.

2004-04-06 20:37:12 ET

black and pink look good together, i wanted to do my room those colors

2004-04-06 20:42:20 ET

I wanted my room just black. my mom wouldn't let me so i went for a dark dark purple. then I just painted over it with white cuz I don't spend enough time in there.

I'll have to see if I can find some pictures when my hair was pink and black and long! I liked it sooo much it was stupid to shave my head...

2004-04-06 20:42:29 ET

...you're going to let me dye your hair when you get here...


2004-04-06 20:48:28 ET

fuck yes! I'm tired of trying to dye my own hair. it just doesn't work for me

2004-04-06 20:51:14 ET

I agree...that survey was too short, but I can find us another one that my friend sent once. It had like 2000 ?'s. And the Kidney Thieves are awesome! And I can't believe you cut off your long locks!! What were you thinking? Most guys look really good with long hair. And yes, I know what an Emerald Dragon is...I asked one of my friends who loves alcohol.

2004-04-06 20:51:23 ET



2004-04-06 20:57:46 ET

I know neither can I :( I actually shave half of it off and it looked pretty sweet but then I had to find a job... so it all came off. mmmmm emerald dragons!
a 2000 ? survey ooooooh time waster!

Lol do I have to pick out the colors? I have no idea what I wanna do

2004-04-06 21:00:24 ET

ill surprize you?

2004-04-06 21:07:27 ET

Yes, believe it or not. 2000 ?'s...I'll look for it, and if I don't have it I'll ask her. She might just still have it.

2004-04-06 21:13:24 ET

that might be pretty fun if just for the hell of it.

Good cuz I don't know what colors to do now

2004-04-06 21:18:25 ET

black purple pink?

black red pink?

black blue purple?

2004-04-06 21:26:11 ET

black purple and pink sounds good

2004-04-07 05:37:31 ET

I miss dying my hair.. I've had it basically every color, but now because of my job, I can't dye it "crazy" colors anymore.

2004-04-07 07:28:41 ET

Aw man. I hate that bullshit. I don't think legaly they can fire you because you dyed your hair...

2004-04-07 07:36:45 ET

I want to put purple streaks in my hair, but I'm trying to get a job so I won't. It's soooo tempting though, the bleach and dye is there everytime I open the bathroom cupboard...*pouts*

2004-04-07 19:33:04 ET

...bummer I hated that. normal hair for a job...

2004-04-08 00:44:24 ET

mmmm...emerald dragon....im going out tonight to the pub...i'll have to drink one for you


BTY.....i am soooooo lik stealing your new pics, cause OMG!!! tooooooo cute......specially the one w/ you next to the headstone...lik MAjoR DrOOoOOllllll.......

okay, im done acting like a blathering dumb blonde...*composes self*

2004-04-08 05:54:29 ET

Lmao I've had a lot of compliments about those pics today. Except yours were possibly the most entertaining, made me smile huge! Lol I got some more if you want

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