2004-04-07 19:49:24 ET

I didn't have shit to do today. So I grabbed the digital camera and went out. I took a lot of pictures today. Put some in the gallery. The rest were in a graveyard near my grandmas grave. And then there were the ones of the appartment that I probably wont post. Lol too much parafenalia and wierd shit. I'll take some more tommorow.

Over all view of the day: not bad.

He searched for god
And he found the way
But the road just burned away
The lights go dim
And your so called god
Is lookin away
Feel the loss
Until you hear the devil call you name

2004-04-07 19:51:09 ET

New pics are very cute

2004-04-07 19:56:04 ET

=D thanks

2004-04-07 19:56:58 ET

Just speaking the truth

2004-04-07 20:05:31 ET

so many compliments... not used to em lol

2004-04-07 20:07:18 ET

lol...ok I will shut up.

2004-04-07 20:12:54 ET

hehe no it hasn't just been you today. I actually went to the mall for a little while and I ran into an old friend. Dan looked at me and went "damn I haven't seen anybody pull that look off very well in a long time." Yea it's been an uplifting day to say the least.;)

2004-04-07 20:13:34 ET

yay for you uplifting day!

2004-04-07 20:29:27 ET

lol first in a while at that too

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