Gnome Liberation Front
2004-04-08 07:09:09 ET

Okay I doubt that any of you are familiar with the Gnome Liberation Front. So heres the deal with them. I think last year or the year before that there was a problem with some kids jacking people's lawn gnomes. The total count added up to about 1000 gnomes. The most expensive gnome was a $1500 gnome. But at the end of the summer they returned the gnomes to the police station so no loss and no harm came to the little guys. They made the papper AND the news... But the worst part of it all? I know the bastards who did this! They happen to be a few friends that I met through the game. Now me and my buddies HAVE to top that. We've made the paper before for causing smaller mischief but not for an entire summer havin people wondering what the hell is going on. Maybe next year when all those damn christmas trees are all piled up in the swimming pool parking lot we'll light those on fire

2004-04-08 07:12:45 ET

Oh, you have to be more creative than that.

Think of the people who kidnapped that person's gnome and travelled all over the world with it, sending pictures and postcards back to its owner.
It's not about how obnoxious the prank is, it's all about subtlety and panache. :)

2004-04-08 07:15:23 ET

I know but I've wanted to light that on fire fo years!

Oh I know, Lol got any suggestions? I'm stuck for ideas...probably cuz I haven't slept in the past few days...

2004-04-08 07:15:40 ET

it would just go up sooooo well :) mmmm fire

2004-04-08 07:24:29 ET

Hrmmm. Let me think about it.

2004-04-08 07:28:16 ET

meh We switched about 120 street signs around. They put that in the paper for about a week before we got arrested and caught with only 3 of them. thanks to whatever higher powers there are. That was a bad night all around

2004-04-08 07:29:43 ET

You could always turn the town upside down.
Nevermind switching street signs.. turn every sign you can get upside down.. from advertisements in bus shelters to posters on the walls, door signs, clocks, designated parking signs..

2004-04-08 07:46:10 ET

lol that could be tons of fun but a lot of things here are bolted down and with wierd screw heads

2004-04-08 07:50:30 ET

So you carry the screwdriver from hell with you with a million different head attachments. ;)

2004-04-08 07:53:43 ET

Oh yea I'll go talk to satan about that then lol=D I think I'm ready to cause trouble tonight. I'll tell you how that goes!

2004-04-08 07:55:14 ET

please do!

2004-04-08 07:59:36 ET

Oh I will dont worry yourself ;)

2004-04-08 08:01:01 ET


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