Questioning things
2004-04-08 19:21:38 ET

Joe's faith that he was God was questioned by me again.
We are a creature with such a complex mind that we ourselves absolutely need a creator because ours is so organized. If that is so would our creator not need a creator? Where did God come from. None of that omniescience crap either!
He had no response so he ignored me. God I hope I got through to him. I'm so worried. I almost cried.

I've stopped taking my meds for just over a year. The first 2 sets of them I took were placebos. The next four only accomplished in making my hallucinations and depression bouts more irregular. I'm a little worried about myself.

You know life is fucked up when you drive home drunk just to see if you can die along the way...

2004-04-08 19:26:51 ET

what about when you drive home drunk just to see how much you can drink without killing yourself?

2004-04-08 19:29:58 ET

I've done that too...

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