Fuck this shit
2004-04-08 19:36:08 ET

I'm going to go cut something and watch it bleed for awhile then I'm going to pass out and pray I don't wake. I've had enough. I hate this erradic depression shit

2004-04-08 20:36:53 ET

Hmm... so I guess this means one less dipshit on sk.net, yeah?
Well, no, probably not, because this isn't a REAL suicide note. I don't think people who are serious about this shit are going to post it on some stupid journal on the internet. Yes, go cut yourself. Slit your wrists in the wrong direction, don't let it go in deep enough, 'cause you're a pussy.
Get over your non-existent "depression." Christ. You have nothing to be wasting your life over. Do something productive, it will make you happy.

2004-04-08 21:01:41 ET

Wtf!? You dont fucking know him. You canít say if heís depressed or not. You know nothing about him. Itís his life and if you dont like it stop fucking reading his journal.

2004-04-08 22:25:53 ET

actually, that was the first post I read, and I've already decided to stop reading it after that piece of shite I just read :)

2004-04-09 06:46:51 ET

Thats okay you can think what you want. I never said I was going to kill myself either, I cut myself or perhaps you would like to see that. Oh no never mind bitch...

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