2004-04-09 06:51:28 ET

I never fucking asked anybody to read my rants.

Uber dork: Hmm... so I guess this means one less dipshit on, yeah?
Well, no, probably not, because this isn't a REAL suicide note. I don't think people who are serious about this shit are going to post it on some stupid journal on the internet. Yes, go cut yourself. Slit your wrists in the wrong direction, don't let it go in deep enough, 'cause you're a pussy.
Get over your non-existent "depression." Christ. You have nothing to be wasting your life over. Do something productive, it will make you happy

Uber Dork: actually, that was the first post I read, and I've already decided to stop reading it after that piece of shite I just read

Whore would you like to live a day in my life? How about watching your best friend go closer to the edge everyday wondering what the hell you should do? Yes I have a problem. Yes I bitch a lot and Fuck you! And no I don't always have something to be depressed about but I can't help that half the time either. So go about your goddamn business and ignore me like the rest of the FUCKING world!

2004-04-09 06:54:27 ET

Bah, SK drama.

2004-04-09 06:55:14 ET

I'm hungover and angry sorry

2004-04-09 06:56:29 ET

Nah, it's cool, everyone has had their fair share of it. :D

2004-04-09 06:57:07 ET

It's all cool. But that sucks.

2004-04-09 06:58:04 ET


2004-04-09 06:59:16 ET

If you're gonna read someone journal don't question the validity of their feelings!

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