2003-07-20 15:28:39 ET

i'm considering asking my boyfriend to marry me, sounds good in my head. I wanna be a wife!!

2003-07-20 15:29:45 ET

wow... that's heavy

but k00l indeed

2003-07-20 15:35:01 ET

definately heavy. you ready for it? i know a few successful marriages who got married young! my friend tara is perfect example. very awesome. : )

2003-07-20 15:36:07 ET

hey that's k00l.

young marriages that werk out totally rawks my sawks

2003-07-20 15:36:39 ET

totally. : ) sometimes you just find the right one! :D

2003-07-20 15:37:36 ET

i wanna get married young.. but i also wanna make sure i got my shit straight 1st and i love the gurl

2003-07-20 15:38:15 ET

man... i aint getting married until i'm 27 or something. or 40. haha. i'm scared to death of marriages.

2003-07-20 15:38:35 ET

yea.. yound to me is 25

2003-07-20 17:06:12 ET

e'h...theres always DIVORCE! yay!

2003-07-20 18:15:30 ET


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