2003-07-26 19:56:38 ET

bleh..i have pink eye, it's the shittiest shit that ever shit.

2003-07-26 19:57:52 ET

Were your eyes crusted shut when you woke up and such?

2003-07-26 20:07:03 ET

never had the pink eye, I here it is terrible. I hope you get better soon!

2003-07-26 21:46:21 ET

ah pink eye, well it could be worse. You could have NO eye at all

2003-07-26 21:48:21 ET

Rivetphuq: You're my new hero.

2003-07-26 21:49:22 ET

me, hero? that's unpossible

2003-07-27 09:31:14 ET


2003-07-27 11:05:15 ET

yeah crusties suck too

2003-07-28 06:03:04 ET

yup that sucks.

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