2003-10-20 10:03:43 ET


2003-10-20 10:43:14 ET

oh - yeah , like that aqua-mask you stick in the freezer and put on your face when you feel congested ... It makes people look like batman.

2003-10-20 11:21:10 ET

AQUAMAN was kinda lame, he didn't have any powers i would want...

except maybe looking good in a wetsuit...

2003-10-20 11:39:08 ET

no no no, BAD! not at all! the aquabats = awesome nutty devo of ska.

2003-10-20 13:27:09 ET

aquarobics is scary shiz.

my friend was a lifegaurd who was forced to watch 50 year old ladies who weighed about 345lbs turn and lift their legs in the water.

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