2004-04-21 06:04:17 ET

man....punk rock prom almost sucked as much as a real high school dance. The evening started off to be promising, but nah. My fucking dumbass homie ate some "boom boom dingerz" and got all sick and pukey. As a result, i only got to see one set, and that band kinda blew balls. Oh well, maybe next year will be better.

on the plus side though, we saw a fat, redneck pimp and some nasty saggy titty hoe. it was hilarious.

2004-04-21 06:14:15 ET

a fat, redneck pimp and some nasty saggy titty hoe

that's the coolest thing i've heard today

2004-04-21 08:23:11 ET

dude, i'm the coolest thing ANYBODY has ever heard. oh ya.

2004-04-27 20:54:31 ET

whats punk rock prom?

2004-05-04 07:46:04 ET

its like prom at any other school...cept theres not school involed, no dj, it's just a show were theres crepe paper.

2004-05-04 16:47:23 ET

do they play like circle jerks and you guys mosh instead of slow dancing to be romatic? ..that would be awesome

2004-05-06 06:41:25 ET

they have a bunch of bands play...but ya, it's pretty much like that.

2004-05-06 14:43:32 ET

haha how can that suck?!

2004-05-07 08:42:44 ET

it sucked cuz my friend ate shrooms, got sick, and we only saw one set. i was pist.

2004-05-07 21:43:14 ET

aw eating shrooms at a place like that would be scary!

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