2005-11-22 17:24:18 ET

Oh my goodness...i havent talked to any of you people in soooo long..how have i been spending my time you ask (and i know you are!) well..ill tell ya...IM MAKING A MOVIE (hooooray for hollywood!) it will be the zombie distopia to end them all! Like..im sooo super excited about this project!! Guess whose playing the lovely lead...itll be gut splattering, skull cracking good fun for the whole family!

2005-11-22 17:38:26 ET

need any horrorpunk/deathrockers to do your soundtrack ? cuz this area is crawling with them.

2005-11-22 17:40:22 ET


2005-11-22 17:44:37 ET

we have this band here that used to be like a misfit tribute, the oldest one is 14 and they are amazing. they're called the yulgits.

2005-11-22 17:57:46 ET

Oh mah gawd, where have you been?

2005-11-22 19:51:11 ET

um...here and there..and maybe even..everywhere..

2005-11-22 19:51:52 ET

oh, sorry, so rude of me..how are you??

2005-11-23 15:29:15 ET

Not rude, I'm fine, how are you? Everywhere, you say? I've wished for omnipresence.

2005-12-23 03:02:58 ET

I am a zombie. See my myspace profile: www.myspace.com/mazarael

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