2003-06-16 10:52:55 ET

hmmm, i haven't been paying very much attention to this jolly little site, which is kinda sad. Anyhoo..i haven't been on for awhile, nothing much is new, tell me how ya'll are...oh ya, and i took new pictures..woot!

2003-06-16 10:59:59 ET


2003-06-16 11:08:19 ET

mmm..last time I checked you were blonde...but you look great with black hair. welcome back

2003-06-16 11:08:20 ET

yes, it is rather hot, it's summer time..steamy

2003-06-16 11:08:30 ET

thank u!

2003-06-16 11:48:50 ET

You look great! We missed ya.

2003-06-16 12:08:07 ET

aww thank u rudie, cutie pie baby picture

2003-06-16 17:01:20 ET

Thanks! :)

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