All that stuff and more....
2003-06-18 11:05:33 ET

is volume one or two better....i like one better.

2003-06-18 11:23:55 ET

Beep looks like a Gabrick. o.o

2003-06-18 11:32:42 ET

what is that?? i hope it pretty god damnit!!!!!

2003-06-18 11:40:22 ET

The Gabricks are a beautiful family I go to church with.. very distinctive. I could spot a Gabrick a mile away, and you look just like one of them.

2003-06-18 13:50:38 ET

mmm...#1. Uh...I dunno. Both. Both have "Sheena" ;)

2003-06-18 20:52:46 ET

one for sure!!

2003-06-19 10:25:30 ET

one most def.

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