what pisses becky off today...
2003-06-22 11:22:41 ET

....mindless self indulgence. god..their so craptastic.

2003-06-22 11:27:57 ET

I agree, their music makes me want to needles through my fingernails.

2003-06-22 11:34:01 ET

hmmm needles...

2003-06-22 11:34:38 ET

my "friend" jim almost nuts him self over mindless self indulgence, it's nasty

2003-06-22 11:42:29 ET

Mindless Self A Fire Inside.. it's all the same crap

2003-06-22 11:44:38 ET

I actually neverlistened to MSI....A fire inside I've heard a few times.. but there not all that great as people portay them to be...

2003-06-22 11:46:17 ET

Both of them suck, and Davey Havoc is not a very sexy girl.

2003-06-22 14:54:47 ET

hahaha, so true. isnt MSI that one band with like the guy who's hair makes him look like a fish?

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