I Need More Friends...
2005-07-06 18:28:18 ET

I need more friends like me. Gosh. I want someone I can just talk to and feel conftorable around. ok enough i am blabbing. hello. my day has been....bleh. I hate McDonalds. And yes nikki...cuss them out. But If you want to talk to me and find out more about me! just IM me.:::


psshaw! bye

2005-07-06 18:33:35 ET

I know the feeling. I long for a friend who will actually be awake at 3 in the morning and be willing to fuck around with me for a while.

2005-07-06 19:54:47 ET

I couldn't sleep and Yeah I will cuss them out Hehe ;) Oh and I don't gotta IM ya to find out more about ya I already know everything there is to know and it's all good ;) Plus I got your #. Oh yessss ;) Hehe Ttyl My love <3

/edit/ I just looked at your second gallery and you know you only put that one pic on there of your brother because that hott guy was standing behind him ;) Hehe :P

2005-07-07 08:04:04 ET

lol...yes the hott guy. wow...btw, i am going back to the lake monday...and i will go back to his ride just to see him....oh yes....growl!


2005-07-07 10:14:21 ET

take me with you we'll both have fun with him ;) hehehe jp :P

2005-07-07 12:01:16 ET

Woo, I hate Mcdonalds too, i work at one. It's hell.

2005-07-07 18:35:14 ET

yes mcdonalds...is hell...grrr to the yellow arch

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