2005-07-11 18:02:04 ET

Well I just got back from the lake. a little crispy i am. I am going to talk to the general manager at work tommrow and talk about that bitch manager they have. She grabbed my arm, hit my hand with a fry scoop, and told me to shut up in front of a customer. so i hope her ass gets fired. Even if she dosnt I am quitting soon anyhow...hehe.

Well The night we got to the lake I went to the amusment park thingy to try and find the hott guy. He wasnt nowhere around. man it sucks. But I am develpoing a plan for me and lindsay to goto the lake and hang out...oh yes. hehe. Well thats all for now I will have pictures to show once i get them developed. so bye

Siren= *BITEBITESUCK* she gets it...oh yes

2005-07-11 20:07:21 ET

She grabbed your arm and hit you? I shall go beat her ass. And then burn her eyes with cig's. Yesss! Oh and say hello to the Lindsayyyy for me! :D

2005-07-12 04:07:16 ET

yes she did...stupid bitch. but hey read the latest update i did. hehehe

2005-07-12 11:26:29 ET


2005-07-12 11:35:19 ET




2005-07-12 16:57:23 ET

*nibbles* i like....your going to give me a HAPPY!!! but will you fix

2005-07-12 17:48:04 ET

hehe ... i fix all things :D

2005-07-12 18:45:46 ET

thats great....lets go now...nikki wanna join?? lol

2005-07-12 18:54:37 ET

oh yesss ;) hehe

2005-07-13 08:35:14 ET


2005-07-13 08:43:02 ET

hehe i love you my dear *muah*

2005-07-13 09:37:33 ET

<3 :D

2005-07-15 07:17:01 ET

awww all this love

2005-07-15 07:17:14 ET

awww all this love

2005-07-15 10:08:46 ET

mmmmm *licks lips*

2005-07-15 17:43:15 ET

you know it

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