2005-07-12 04:08:49 ET

Oh yes that bitch manager at work, ms. oliva. Shes got it cummin. hehehe. I went and talked to ms. angie (the general manager) this morning. Told her about her grabbing me. Before I could finish, angie told me to be back at 2:00 and me her and oliva will sit down and handel this. Hehe stupid bitch (oliva) has it coming now...i cant wait.

2005-07-12 11:28:00 ET

I hope she gets fired my love. :D

2005-07-12 11:34:54 ET



here ... lemme give you a pick me up :D

2005-07-12 16:56:42 ET

woo...pick me up...actually we handel the incident very adult like. We will see how it goes tommrow when i work with her. egh.

2005-07-12 17:49:02 ET

ugh. my very first "professional" job was a nightmare because of my boss. she was a psycho. i couldn't believe i lasted a year there.

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