2005-07-26 13:06:17 ET

Guess what I got a boooyyyffrriieennddd....yes i do. His name is Zach. He has black hair and blue eyes...hes so fucking sexy....ahh heres pictures!!!


heres a old pic of his eyes!!!

and the last one...more recent and w.o makeup

Isnt he hott...i love him!!!!

2005-07-26 13:13:01 ET

He kind of looks like my boyfriend except with blue eyes.

I think he looks nicer w/o the makeup.

2005-07-26 13:24:10 ET

thanks...yea he does...i dont think he wears the lipstix and all just the makeup and anil polish i think...anyhow he rocks my xock..hehe

2005-07-26 15:08:23 ET

ah a lipring.

2005-07-26 15:56:15 ET

he is cute! better without the makeup, but I'm a sucker for boys with liprings and eyeliner.

2005-07-26 16:48:55 ET

he looks good in all the pictures <3

2005-07-26 17:40:37 ET

wow thanks everyone i a meeting him tommrow to go somwhere alone together

woo la la


2005-07-27 02:23:11 ET

:D have a great time *wink wink*

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