Care? None
2005-08-04 20:10:47 ET

Does anyone really care about anybody? I dont feel like they do. There is only 3 true friends that i can go see, talk to on the phone, be with by my side that i belive would truly care if i ran away, killed myself, died, or w.e else may happen....i thank you Lindsay, Zach and Christine. There is only -one- friend online i belive feels that way and I thank you Nikki, everyone else who says they care do you really if so thank you...if not...fxck you...point blank...theres your update...

Love? or Not?x


2005-08-04 21:06:34 ET

I think some people REALLY care about others.

I feel like people tell me they care alot, but are just saying it because it's like, customary or something.

2005-08-05 15:51:41 ET

<333333333333333333333333333333 if your having problems dear just let me know i'll always be here ;) xoxo

2005-08-05 16:25:23 ET

yea i agree fallout...and nikki i know your there...<33333

2005-08-05 19:43:19 ET

*muah* <3

2005-08-08 16:10:07 ET

when you find some that love
and those that love back
hold on to them

too many times had i intrusted my emotions
with those who chewed it up
and spat it back in my face

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