2005-09-11 10:55:47 ET

So much has happened and I have left you all un informed. I have decided I am gay...not bi. I went to MetalFest rocked. I added new pictures to my gallery. I added my MySpace Link and my Website link in the bio thing up there. I am really liking this one guy named Jasper. He is so awsome. I am going to be a DJ on here. I got in a wreck and messed my hip up but its all better...I still hate my job. and I have became a Cam Thats all for now.. I will try and update here more. bye!

2005-09-11 10:57:33 ET

I always knew you were a cam whore *rolls eyes* Hehe

You never told me you were in a wreck. *sadness* Hope your Ok


2005-09-11 11:34:20 ET

N.C.! Sucks, ain't it!?

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