2005-12-10 06:12:22 ET


I havnt updated in a long ass time. Well I have a boyfriend. I love him alot....thing is we are like ying-yang. He the White and Im the black. Style that is. lol. I am spending alll day with him today. He loves me and I love him more than he knows.

Btw, new pictures in both galleries. Go Look.

I am ready for christmas to be over. I am only getting 3 things I want. One I am not getting that i wanted more than any of them. Thats my tounge pierced. I am getting a dagger, i pod, and eyebrow rings. Grandmas getting the eyebrow rings, and the i pod, and my baby is getting the dagger for me. yay! Well thats all for the update. More pictures later..I am taking some today.

Love you all and leave comments!!!

2005-12-10 10:32:57 ET

Why aren't you getting your tongue pierced?

×Eyebrow rings rock.

2005-12-10 11:32:30 ET

Aw, that's sweet.

2005-12-15 19:19:26 ET

"Marks on his osul" : whats sweet? lol
Nikki: Mom s a cunt. A stinking cum dumpster cunt. k? and yes Eyebrow rings rock...they are the sex along with a free orgasam!!

2005-12-15 19:52:04 ET


2005-12-16 04:18:26 ET

Don't play coy, mister! =P

Alright, to elaborate the whole love/relationship thing is sweet.

But I have a question "BreakMePretty"... why did you put quotation marks around my name? ;)

2005-12-16 12:23:37 ET

He's still kind of a n00b to SK and he hardly ever logs on. Another reason might be that he didn't know your real name and he felt the need to put quotes around it. He's crazy like that. Lol.

2005-12-19 04:17:06 ET

And how.

2005-12-19 17:59:04 ET

Nikki: what is that suppose to mean! btw, i am trying to log in more often. lol

Mark: I am guessing thats your name. hello! lol

2005-12-19 18:05:07 ET


2005-12-19 19:08:48 ET

whats funny?!?!

2005-12-19 21:13:01 ET

nothing you crazy whore

you know i'm kidding dear ant.

2005-12-20 18:23:54 ET

thank you nikki i knew you loved me dearly!

2005-12-20 18:23:57 ET

thank you nikki i knew you loved me dearly!

2005-12-20 19:09:51 ET

ya damn right!!

2005-12-21 05:20:34 ET


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