2005-12-19 19:22:18 ET

I am not allowed to see
talk to

contact in any way

with the man I love more than life.

I miss you scott...
we will be in each others arms again.
Dont forget about my soul.


2005-12-19 21:52:01 ET

What?! Why?!

2005-12-20 04:09:25 ET

Whoa, what happened?

2005-12-20 05:30:21 ET

Why not? What happened.

You must explain!

2005-12-20 12:11:58 ET

whoa? what happened?

2005-12-20 18:25:59 ET

bad stuff...IM if your serious about talking to me about it. My messengers are in my contact stuff. I also have msn: perfectbynature.ant@gmail.com and thats also my e-mail. hope to hear from someone soon....


2005-12-20 21:44:03 ET

ant, you've been my friend for like uh FOREVER so of course i wanna hear about it, whenever i catch you online you can tell me

2005-12-21 05:19:58 ET

that works!

2005-12-21 08:21:38 ET


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