2006-01-10 18:30:16 ET

Look at the gallery...its my bf!!!

leave comments about him.


2006-01-10 18:48:07 ET

Perdy. Good for you!

2006-01-10 19:05:22 ET

nice :)

2006-01-10 21:35:04 ET

Yay! Happy for you dear Ant!

What's MS LindsAYYY been up to? You still talk to her? Tell her I said Hiii. =)

2006-01-11 11:17:20 ET


2006-01-12 18:02:33 ET


nikki: shes cool. just turned 18 so shes gone like a bullet. lol. i will tell her.

everyone else: i know he's perty, cute, nice, ect. thanks!! hes coming over this weekend...oo la la. hehe

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