New Poem on my Poem Site...
2003-09-10 21:26:59 ET

Well since a long time ago there was a big argument over poetry being on SK I'm not going to post my latest cuz I don't want to piss people off again and risk losing my precious peice of cyberspace heaven. So... I'll just tell you guys about it... it's good... i like it... it's one of my more descriptive ones and it was cool cuz it had a very random origin.

If you guys want to critique... go HERE.

Thank you for your time.

2003-09-10 21:30:20 ET

there's an argument about poetry on sk? hrm...didn't know that.

2003-09-10 21:53:26 ET

well... it was a long time ago... some poetry bashing and all that.

2003-09-10 23:17:19 ET

you, sir, suck. at everything.

2003-09-11 05:12:42 ET

what? why is that?

2003-09-11 06:38:54 ET

you don't. i just wanted to be mean cuz you brought up poetry, a forbidden topic.

2003-09-11 08:02:07 ET

hahaha... okay... i see what your saying. well i just wanted to watch my ass so i don't get some angry poetry hater fucking with me. deemed forboden or not.

2003-09-11 13:28:24 ET

if you recall the early days, we would trade poetry, i think.

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