An Empty Glass of Himself...
2003-09-17 13:15:00 ET

A waste of space like no other
Tiring before you hit the ground
Your flame hungers for more and more
But was it really ever lit
In the end, we all go out
And when the time comes you will too
So see what you have and earn what you get
Don't continue to lose out in what you haven't been
And know that the time to go out has come again
Because life was really just a gift in the end
-"Candle Light Confession"

2003-09-28 08:15:20 ET

makes me think of a story i read a long time ago called "the precious present"

2003-09-30 05:57:44 ET

hmmm... i will have to look for that... i wrote it a long time ago but it just seemed to ring true at this moment... felt a little out of place when i wrote it

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