New Outkast
2003-09-20 10:50:38 ET

WOW!! The NEW Outkast CD is incredible... it's 2 CD's with one being Big Boi's and then one being Andre's which is the coolest thing I've ever heard of... they are both such amazing musicians and the way Big Boi raps is the way rap was meant to sound.

Andre's CD is a lot more musically driven whereas Big Boi's has the Older Outkast sound but so good. It's just incredible. It's called "SpeakerBoxxxxx" and is probably the best album they've released (even though both Stankonia and Aquemini were just incredible sounding).

So yeah... if you like Outkast then you will love this CD.
That's all.

2003-09-20 11:58:25 ET

doesn't that come out this tuesday? what you're doing is illegal, boy! haha.

2003-09-20 22:26:59 ET

hahaha... i know man but if it's wrong i just don't ever wanna be right!!

but i will buy it when it comes out... don't you worry...

2003-09-20 23:55:43 ET

tuesday is a good day for hip hop. aesop rock comes out too, as well as some group some random guy made me listen to. it was excellent.

2003-09-21 18:55:56 ET

I know man... I don't know about the other groups but Outkast raises mainstream rap to such a high level... every song has a positive message and just reacts so well to current events and shares emotion so well... and they have such cool beat structures mixed with great mixing and just awesome musicians on their albums.

So awesome.

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