I'm Back...
2003-09-27 09:06:52 ET

Well I went to Waco yesterday with my friend Matt(scuba boy) and it was a lot of fun... which i needed... I very much needed to have some fun and I did so I'm in a really good mood. I mean Waco isn't a whole lot of fun in the first place but got to hang out with my best friend Stephen and we went to a bar where he knew the Bouncer and we got to order whatever we wanted and so much fun was had.

But that is not the real reason I posted... the real reason is on the way back we were listening to some really really good emo(Jimmy...Anniversary...Reggie) and I was thinking about the way music has shaped my life and what I would have on my own personal soundtrack...

Just a little thought there. What would be on your personal soundtrack? What are the songs that have most changed the way you look at life? What are the lines that have connected with those experiences in life that cannot be explained with anything other than music?

comments please

2003-09-27 09:27:31 ET

well, obviously, the theme song is "be quiet and drive" by deftones.
it just kinda fits me.

but i've never been good at this question beyond that.

2003-09-27 09:41:45 ET

Good choice man... I just kind of listen to stuff and wait for that one part that really gets my mind working... and suddenly I'm seeing hidden messages and just subconscious thought coming through and it's like a window into the soul.

So awesome.

2003-09-27 10:39:02 ET


ha ok So i'll write a little more then that but first let be introduce myself...I am Dahnee. Uhm what would be on my personal album well I'd have to say sad songs that have meaning not the whinny ones where the bands sing about all the same things. I'd put bands on there that have had a hard time making it to the studio or bands that don't play for the money but for the fun! Yeah there ya go.

2003-09-27 10:45:21 ET

oh no, not the old "playing for fun" claim. never true.

2003-09-27 10:46:55 ET

hahaha...just taking things off the top of my head...

2003-09-27 22:39:29 ET

oh leave the "playing for fun" alone Ben... lots of bands play for fun... sometimes...

really to me... it makes no difference... if i like it then i like it.

i think just being able to connect to music is the number one goal. so much good has come from the music community that people just need to appreciate for what it is...


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