Well I'm Happy...
2003-10-05 21:42:49 ET

I had a fun night in Austin but had this little problem when I was trying to enjoy myself at the concert. Here's a little snippet from one such conversation I had with a girl...

Girl: Hey I know you must get this a lot but are you Jason Mraz?(with hope in her eyes... I almost said yes just to get her to smile but I thought that would be bad)
Me: Ummm... I wish but no. I'm sorry. (what else was I supposed to say?)
Girl: Well my name is Holly and you look so much like him... which is a very good thing so can I get a picture with you and pretend that you are Jason Mraz?
Me: Heh... sure. (kind of confused now)
Girl: Awesome... what's your name?
Me: Hi... I'm Jason. (yeah... i really said that... it was funny to see her reaction)

Now multiply that conversation by 20 and add a boy congratulating me on a great show tonight and some girls asking me for my autograph along with my number and you have a hint at my evening in Austin seeing Maroon 5... and I got Adam Levine's(lead singer) and James Valentine's(lead guitarist) signatures.

I had so much fun... and got mistaken for a pop sensation. So I think tonight was rather successful but I'm so tired that (don't take i the wrong way) I am just going to go to sleep now and just return some of the posts I've had lately.

Oh yeah... and if any of you would like to do something nice... if you could say a little prayer or just keep my family in your thoughts at 11:30am on Tuesday, my Great-Grandfather's funeral is at that time and my dad is a pall bearer.

So tonight was a good escape.

2003-10-05 21:57:16 ET

you should have played along.

2003-10-06 21:34:02 ET

See... now I'm going to have to go find pictures of Jason Mraz. But not tonight. I have homework and bed. Which should have happened much sooner BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY!

I'll pray for your family tomorrow, no worries. It'll be easy to remember as that's right when my english class starts.

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