I'm so sad...
2003-10-07 14:22:41 ET

My dad read my poem at the funeral today.


2003-10-07 14:24:54 ET

feel better, dear

2003-10-07 23:36:30 ET

I do feel good... I'm just saddened that something I wrote was read at something to honor the greatest man I have ever known. It just feels like I could of done more... I could of added more insight but I didn't have a chance.

Another thing that really got me was the fact that the poem was placed in my great grandfather's pocket before they buried him.

2003-10-09 22:09:58 ET

You obviously did far more than 'not enough' ... please understand that you've done a lot of good... more than anyone could have ever wanted. *huggles*

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