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2003-10-12 21:14:07 ET

I was having a discussion on religion with my friend Matt and we were sharing our thoughts on the bible. I feel that if you go by it's literal translation you lose out on a lot of the things it's saying. I believe it as something to live according to.

Now I'm not saying the Bible is not important. It's the cornerstone of one's Christian Faith. I'm just saying that when you get caught up in the literal translation of everything you become too worried about the consequences rather than really enjoying religion and the love of God. I see this as the reason for the birth of the denominations(which I don't agree with). Some scholar sees a way to tweak some meanings in the Bible to make it more "understandable" and Boom! A new denomination of believers is formed and you have further inconclusive feelings on Christianity.

What do you all think?

2003-10-12 22:11:52 ET

... Have you ever seen Dogma? It's Jay and Silent Bob movie, but it brings up a lot of very prudent points where religion in concerned. One such is 'ideas' vs. 'beliefs.'

It presents the case that ideas are good things to have. They can be just as strong as beilefs but are much easier to change. It's tricky to change beliefs. That's the reason that wars are faught. The Spanish Inquisition, the Haulocaust... any number of things, really.

I think it's good to commune and relate. Bad to be inclusive. Worse to be black and white. But everything has its exception.

2003-10-13 21:39:24 ET

Yes very much so... I love that movie because it's in reality making fun of the human ideas on God. It's saying what is in the back of everyone's mind but are too afraid to ask... and it does quite comically and very enjoyable.

I just see a lot of people being turned away from Christianity by Christians. We are a pretty dumb bunch when you get us all together in tight spot. We allow people to take advantage of us because we never stop to question "Why?" We are just told "This is what the word says... Do it!" and we never want to know anything more.

I feel like Organized Religion is really more of a "helping-hand" to the simple-minded believer rather than an effective device of true worship. And so I find myself not having very many friends that are "Good" Christians and I seem to be butting heads with all of them most of the time. I just feel that you should read the word and learn the depth of your own faith and form your own ideas and beliefs then listen to others speak on their beliefs.

And yes... everything does have exceptions.

I like how you added the Holocaust in there with the Spanish Inquisition... not many people like to mention that even though, I believe but may be wrong, Hitler was not a Christian he took advantage of the Christians in Germany and put them to work to eradicate the "Murderers of Christ"...

And I look forward to your PM oh beautiful minded one :)

2003-10-14 16:25:41 ET

Aye... 'the establishment' seems to enjoy telling us what we can and cannot do where God is concerned.

I have several opposing opinions where church in concerned... but weather or not it is for 'simple-minded' people bears no matter in faith. It doesn't matter how much you go to church or how fervently you worship. Your faith lives in your heart, and not on your exterior.

Aye... whatever else you say about him, Hitler was a smart, smart man.

Shameless flatterer. ^^'

2003-10-21 07:18:59 ET

"I am manure."

This comes from one of my favorite quotes concerning Christians: "The church is like manure; gather it together in a large group and it stinks up the town. Spread it out and it motivates growth."

This topic has so many different...I don't know.. points. First, there's the scripture about being "in the world but not of the world." It took me a long time to realize that both were equally important, since I was concentrating on not being "of the world" but spent no time being "in the world", so to speak.
Also pertinent is the church as a family. A lot of people have a sour taste in their mouth when it comes to church.. usually chalked up to bad experiences. I don't blame them.. I've been in those churches. A little over a year ago, God blessed me with an awesome church family.. a sort of church I had never heard of: non-denominational, purely Bible-driven.
To clarify, I am of the belief that the Bible is the one true roadmap on how to live life. I take it literally and figuritivly. I think there is definitely room for both and life has confirmed this. I also know that the Bible-reading isn't just for the pastor. I thought it was, back in the day, when I was going to those other churches. No one said anything about reading it for myself. Now it's fulfilling, since I'm reading it and discerning it on my own time, seeing that everything the pastor says is confirmed.

Gee, this is a lot to read.

2003-10-21 13:24:16 ET

Yes, but it's a good and intelligent and enjoyable lot to read!! MIGHTILY enjoyable, if I do say so.

Have you ever heard of a book called "Evolution Angel"? (Me an my peddling of this book... *rolls eyes heartily*) Well anyway, I think that you might like it quite a bit. Either that or... or you'll probably think that it's bull. Either way, really. ^^' It's by a man named Dr. Michael Abrams and it's about - if you'll believe this - converstaions that he has recorded having with Angels. The idea is that certain conditions in his life and occupation have made it possible for him to better percieve the 'voices' of angels... so obviously some very prudent questions are asked. It's an interesting read, whichever way you look at it.

Also!! ...I LOVE your avatar!! *adores* And the pictures on your page, and your sense of humor as well. It's all so spangly and wonderful!!

2003-10-22 05:18:37 ET

Oooer.. Cellar has a fan :^)

2003-10-22 08:21:05 ET

Cellar already had a fan. ^^' I was talking about youuuuu. ^_^

2003-10-26 11:07:37 ET

Whutwhut? Moi? Me? Myself and I? No way :P

2003-10-26 11:07:56 ET

Ah yes, and I've never heard of the book, meself.

2003-10-26 11:14:18 ET

Oh yes way.

Most people haven't, which as quite alright by me. It's a verra good book, although I daresay that it's really not for everyone. ^^'

2003-10-27 19:55:07 ET

I think that about most of the books I own. Sometimes referring to myself.

2003-10-27 22:22:27 ET

You referr to yourself as a book? o.O

2003-10-29 08:00:00 ET

I refer to my books that aren't really for me.

2003-10-29 09:10:15 ET

AhhhhhhhhhIsee. What sorts of books are they?

2003-10-31 08:08:35 ET

I dunno.. Spanish poetry about the cosmos? Obscure other-dimension based novels written by middle-aged hermits?

2003-10-31 13:57:51 ET

Oooooh... hermits.

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2003-11-01 04:50:02 ET

What is his background? Electric jellyfish?

2003-11-01 11:45:13 ET

hahhaa... they are Jellyfish that I saw in Monterey... amazing.

2003-11-01 12:26:57 ET

Their skin is kind of... um... I don't know. It doesn't pelase me, per say.

2003-11-01 16:01:10 ET

You don't like my background? :*(

2003-11-01 16:30:06 ET

Ohhh, don't CRY!!! ^^' *huggles you until you feel better* I don't HAVE to like it, do I? ^^' I mean... it's not like I'm going to come here less or anything! *massive sweat-drop*

2003-11-02 22:00:37 ET

It's spooky but oh-so-spiffy to look at @.@

2003-11-03 12:26:11 ET

See? There you go.

2003-11-03 15:32:39 ET

Neko- I know that you don't HAVE to like it but I would like you to like it... I know the Jellyfish are creepy but they look really cool!!!

Lummy- HEHEHE... I was going for the spooky but oh-so-spiffy look.

2003-11-03 18:38:03 ET

Actually, funny that you should say that, because the stupid things *lovingly* have sort of grown on me! ^^' *massive sweat drop*

Hey Cellar... can I be in love with you? ;_; At least for a little while? ;____;

2003-11-03 21:26:57 ET

Only if I can be in love with you too...

2003-11-04 13:49:52 ET

*rears back and gaaaaaaaaasps happily* ... Sounds fair. ^_^ *loves*

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*tackles Lummy*

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*gives Lummy CPR*

2003-11-14 11:03:49 ET

o.o *lives*

2003-11-14 12:56:01 ET

I thought I had lost you... :*o(

2003-11-18 11:58:29 ET

Did you ever really have me?

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