Losing you one second at a time...
2003-10-17 22:54:31 ET

Well my friend Britt of over a year and half... the first girl I ever met at Texas A&M, is slowly distancing herself from me for some reason. It started around a month ago. I introduced her to my friend Matt and it seemed cool. I liked having them both be friends and all that so it was awesome cuz we 3 got a long realy well.

Matt was a little jealous at first of me and her cuz we were such good friends but it didn't make sense... I mean how can you make a freindship of a month become closer than one of over a year. I just kind of pushed that out of my mind and I just tried to get them closer and all that. We all need more friends right?

So when my Great-Grandfather died I was really sad and very closed off. And one night me and Britt had been talking for almost 4 hours in her car and she said something about a song and I was listening to the words and just was overcome and started crying my eyes out and she just held me there... but for some reason I didn't feel embarassed. I was strangely comfortable about the whole thing and really felt closer to her. But still in that friends way. I mean she is the most beautiful girl I know but she has had boyfriends during our whole friendship and so I see her as being unattainable. Just a friend and I like that nonstressful environment.

About 3 days later she is about to go visit her boyfriend in El Paso and talks me til 3 in the morning telling me how she want's me to know her true intentions towards me and all this stuff about how she doesn't want to lead me on. I'm just in complete shock cuz I have seriously done nothing at all to make her think that I don't just see her as a friend. Well she gives the same talk to Matt... understandable because Matt is very flirty.

So it has been a week and I have been hanging out with Matt every once in while and he has gotten a call from Britt everytime I've been with him but she HAS NOT CALLED ME ONCE THIS WEEK.

Zero. None. Nothin.

And tells him to tell me "Hi" for her.

How shitty is that?!?! She's one of my really good friends and she starts doing this shit to me. She hangs out with him all the time. Not me. She calls him all the time. Not me. I am getting the shaft like crazy.

GIRLS seriously suck... you try and be their friends and they ditch you for their friends... you try and be more they give you the "intentions" talk... you try and ignore them they get in your face.

Well I salute the FEMALE GENDER for being SO DAMN CONFUSING!!! CONGRATS!!! You all are up there with the whole teen years of Jesus being missing from the Bible and how you can turn on your whole house using one remote but have to use three for your Tv.

2003-10-17 23:06:30 ET

I'm sorry to hear about that man.. All of my relationships with girls have ended the same as that .. My friend Dana (I thought was my best friend).. heh. Out of no where just started ignoring me .. Like for two month's.. Now she wants to be friends, and acts like nothing ever happend.. I dunno.. Girls do suck (metaphorically).

2003-10-17 23:13:02 ET

It's really weird too. I thought we were perfect but I guess everything good turns sour after a while. Maybe it just wasn't a good friendship to begin with and this just was the breaking point. I don't know.

She tricked me. And I'm sorry man... that's crappy the way she's been treating you.

2003-10-18 06:25:36 ET

Life goes on.. I think too many people are two faces.. Not really showing how they really feel until it all breaks

2003-10-19 15:44:19 ET

have you tried talking to her about THAT? If it were me, I'd probably feel a bit wierd around the guy who I'd just felt that I needed to have that talk with. Sort of like voicing it makes it worse. I'd say that she needs time to adjust, but if you let it go TOO long without adressing anything, then the distance could become familiar enough for her to just let go permantently.

Relationships - of any sort - are one... GIANT... psychological trial after another. Unfortunately, you just have to konw how to play the game - even if it's not the superficial or cruel one that you're playing.

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