2003-10-21 06:11:01 ET

My friend wrote this amazing poem that I was reading this morning and there were these two lines that just inspired me to just scribble my thoughts on a page and so I wanted to post my little "emotional exfoliation". hehe...

The two lines were "Search my heart as you Search my eyes". And it just made me reflect on my generation and my sister's generation(even though she is only 5 years younger but yet so different) and future generations to come.

I view the eyes as a window into the soul and only real truth is the emotion in a person's eyes. We can all fake the motions but we cannot control the truth in our eyes. I have begun to solely look into a person's eyes and see almost everything that they are feeling(hope, despair, longing, trust) and forget about everything else.

It's just incredible how not enough people think about that when they speak to a person... we have the phone, the instant messengers, the journal sites, the discussion pages and that's all great but it seems that no one stops to look into a person's eyes anymore. We are just too busy to look for the truth in a person. We want only the placebo of having someone there and not the true feeling of knowing someone cares. The more and more relationships I see with the people around me, be it romance, friendship, or just common acquantances, it's all just there to make a person feel like others care without the reality of it all.

We have been passing into a period of time, for quite a while now, where the emotion is no longer the emotional itself but in fact the physical. The love that used to be there has been replaced with animalistic lust, pure jealous passion and the basic desire to "fit-in". We all want what other people have and think that the measure of happiness is having and not loving.

Trophy wives. Sugar Daddies. Divorce. Bling-Bling.


Okay Funny Southpark Quote to Lighten the Mood:
Mr. Garrison: "What is Sexual Harassment? Yes Eric?"
Eric Cartman: "When you are trying to have intercourse with a lady friend and some other guy comes up and tickles your balls from behind."

2003-10-26 11:17:02 ET

*softly* Well said...

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