2003-10-26 09:11:51 ET

I saw the New Texas Chainsaw Massacre lastnight at 1:00am...

Freaky as hell... that's one of the scariest movies I've ever seen so kudos to the director on that one. They did a good job.

2003-10-26 09:33:41 ET


lucky mofo

2003-10-26 19:25:03 ET

ya i wana see it too! damn me being a poor university student. lol.

2003-10-27 09:10:59 ET

hahahaa... i saved up my quarters and saw the late show for like $4.50

Now I might not be able to do the laundry for a week or so but it was worth it.

2003-10-27 12:02:27 ET

hahaha yeah i have *no* money. even my laundry funds are depleting. its quite sad, actually ;)

i think i might have enough money to buy .. umm .. a bottle of coke. haha. and thats where it ends.

but anyways.....the movie was *that* good?? ;)

2003-10-27 20:49:22 ET

oh man... it was so good.

seriously... jessica beil really isn't that bad in it even though i hate her for 7th Heaven... that show still makes my throat squirmy. but it's actually really good.

lots of just plain creepy stuff and it's very freaky... i was so disturbed by the first one i almost passed on seeing this one but i'm glad i did. and the cool thing is that you really don't see too much of the gore...

the way it's shot makes it scary as shit and you do see a lot of blood and stuff but it's not just a movie full of disturbing murders. it's just nonstop, the theater is silent the whole time because no one can catch their breath because everything is happening so fast and all the time.

so good... i definitely rate as one of the scariest movies ever. maybe not the most disturbing... which i give to Rob Zombie's "House of a 1000 Corpses".... now that movie gave me nightmares for a week.

2003-10-28 05:58:17 ET

hahaha awesome, now i definetely want to see it. maybe i'll scrape together some quarters and go on cheap night ;) i'm going home this weekend so i'll just get my mom to do my laundry. hahahaha.

i havent seen house of 1000 corpses, either. hell, i still havent even seen Pulp Fiction. i dont watch enough movies!! hahaha...

however i DID see Kill Bill, my my my was that ever a fantastic movie. ;)

2003-10-28 06:05:02 ET

there you go... but hey you should definitely see Pulp Fiction in the next month. that's not a good thing to have never seen Quentin's finest... so see it soon.

now Kill Bill... wow!! that's all i have to say... that movie was incredible. i was like a kid in a candy shop the whole time. i was just in awe. the anime... the fighting... the references to old chinese ninja films... wow... i loved that movie.

2003-10-28 11:48:11 ET

hahaha yeah i think i sat there with my jaw on the floor the entire time. sooooooo good. i'm totally into movies like that.

but i'm really looking forward to seeing Pulp Fiction. a couple people on my floor in my residence have it, now it's all a matter of finding the time to watch it!!

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