2003-11-06 17:10:42 ET





We have come to a consensus...

Everyone hates me. Wahoo! Celebration time... I can do whatever I want now and not have to worry if it offends anyone because it always will!!!

P.S. In all reality, not all people hate me and the ones that hate me are just angry at me because I am a jerk to them... I'm just thinking that if I go about with this mindset I will be a much happier person.

Why should I try and cater to everyone else's wants and needs?!?

I have my own wants and needs that are not being met by anyone or anything... well the time has come and gone for me trying to make other people happy. FUCK THEM!!!

I always get it up the ass in the end. So everyone can just SUCK MY BALLS!!!

...but i'll still be nice... just not THAT nice...

2003-11-06 17:13:31 ET

I've thought that way ... but come to the realization that personally, I prefer being nice to people whenever possible.

On the plus side, it gives me grounds to be annoyed when they aren't nice in return.

2003-11-06 17:28:56 ET

I'd really rather not suck your offense to your balls, we just haven't really been aquainted yet. however, you can feel free to hate me if you'd like...though I can't promise to hate back.

I'm feeling awfully anti-social myself lately...perhaps it's something that's going around? Like the flu only with less snot and more bitterness?

2003-11-06 17:55:22 ET

You shouldn't try to cater to everyone else... that's silly! ^^' *tousles hair* I'm glad you figured that out.

And you being a jerk... how do you manage that? *cannot see it*

2003-11-07 09:26:19 ET

code - I tried that for a while and then I kept getting screwed... so I think I will be fake mean and then really nice and then mean again. That'll confuse the world... and then I will have revenge.

Team Heartbreak - I'm sorry you had to come across me with a post like this... I was just a little pissed about some crap that's been going on... I think it has to be the flu or somethin. The Super Angry Anti-Social Influenza... passed cyberly through chat rooms and discussion boards. Disease Control's got nothing on it... hopefully we will find a cure soon. I want to smile some.

Neko - I know... *straightens hair* I just like it when people are nice to me and it seems that if I have opinion no does. I think it's cuz I can argue pretty well... not really sure.

*tousles hair back* SILLY!!! All BOYS are JERKS!!! *sticks out toungue and scuttles into next room*

2003-11-07 10:03:02 ET

i like you sweetie! :)

2003-11-07 12:50:25 ET

All boys are jerks... you make an excellent case. SUCH an exelent case, that I must, in fact, surrender my argument. *surrenders*

...Maybe you need to head out to the market and start shopping around for a couple better friends? *leaves hair tousled*

See? AMANDA likes you. *raspberry*

2003-11-07 18:00:16 ET

hehehe yes i like you. you're quite a nice guy. i dont see why anyone would think differently!!

2003-11-07 18:04:00 ET

And AMANDA, *converses* have you seen his photos? Don't you think he's just the DREAMIEST? *all atwitter*

2003-11-08 10:50:16 ET

hehehehe yes, he is quite the beautiful boy ;)

2003-11-08 12:04:15 ET

I try to tell him this, but I don't know if he listens. *matter of factly*

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